Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Healing Energy of Readings

There is an energy in every reading that is unique. It is always a combination of the energy of the reader meeting the energy of the querant. When the energy of the querant is engaged and open, more pathways open up and the reading accelerates, covering the territory more deeply.

Readings can help heal a person. Remember that thoughts can influence feelings and energies, and if a person comes away from a reading with inspiration, hope, or a more robust and vibrant outlook, a healing has begun, and will be continued by the application of free will on the querant's part.

Neutrality gives the reader a bird's eye view of what is going on. Many times I have seen the enlivening effect that comes when a person gets validation in a reading. That can also be healing given that a person gains peace of mind when they know that there is some agreement with their point of view even though everyone else seemed to share a different point of view.

Because of empathic powers, some readers are more adept at transferring healing energy during the course of a reading.

Reading energies can also stimulate a person to look at their situation in novel ways and other perspectives, thus opening them to creative solutions to their predicaments.

Readings can also be unique tools for helping view a situation clearly, because the art is both abstract and has a bearing on what is real.

Healing must sometimes begin with a different perspective before the new energies are allowed to enter and welcomed in.

Healing comes in many ways. A reading is one good way to experience it.

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