Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes, Following Yes

One of the secrets of success is to go with the flow. How many times have we received those intuitive impulses to do or not do something, but didn't heed it and later regretted it?

How many times have we not picked up a clue and missed a good opportunity?

Some people learn quickly and ride the currents of energy, while others keep overriding or ignoring the directions being sent in by spirit guides.

For some of us, it may be just a bit of stubbornness. For others, we are just not used to tuning in.

Don't believe me. Just test it for the next week. Take note of every situation where you got that gut feeling and you either paid attention or did not. Note what the result was.

After observing these results, see what happens if you start tuning in more and following the yes. Follow the yes and see if you don't get better results. If you get a gut feeling that the answer is no, leave it. Watch and see. Do your own experiment for a week. Then apply the lessons and see if your life does not get better.

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