Saturday, March 19, 2011

Committed to Memory

Once, when I was studying music, all these things were known to me. There were names for a special place in time where the placement of a fingertip made the sound of a note, a space in time between other sounds, and just the right sound made the note I wanted.

It was precise work to get exactly the note I wanted. Then memory took over after many repeated efforts, the notes flowed together until they made a melody.

It is like that to learn a bit, to learn a note, then a sequence of notes, then more patterns and more notes until it all sounds like songs. The notes flow like they are melodies.

And some melodies become short little songs and others become symphonies.

Either way, it still begins with finding one right note, then venturing further out until it forms something larger.

One note, exactly the right touch at the right time, and a song begins. So sweetly they begin, and then it is committed to memory, so that the whole of the tune can be recalled at once. All beginning with a single note.

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