Friday, March 18, 2011

How Else Can Tarot Heal?

In the same way that looking at beautiful art calms and soothes while at the same time getting the mind working, tarot can be used as a pocket sized gallery.

How is that healing? Just take it out and look at it for a little while every day. Maybe pull one card a day, or a few. Whatever you feel like. Looking at a picture intensely, meditating on the image and what it might mean, and next thing you know you have an uplifted spirit, or at least an inquiring mind. Either way, you are now entered into a heightened state of awareness.

How can it be healing to meditate on profound thoughts? How can it be healing to gaze on pictures of beauty and clever composition? Can shuffling through a deck and looking at the cards help put the world back in order? Does that calm the nerves and help lower the blood pressure?

When you have a busy schedule and you are feeling like you need to catch up, taking a deck out and looking at it can be like taking a mini-vacation to a great art museum or gallery. Nothing like fantastic art to help create a higher awareness of our present state, is there?

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Rhonee said...

Dan, your thoughts are very true and appropriate, for what we see brings a feeling to mind and BEAUTY HEALS. Look around, inside or outside, nature is our first teacher... I say your living environment is your first healer, or not. What does your space feel like? Is it sacred healing space or chaos, clutter and challenges that mirror your thoughts and energy levels... so your words of encouragement to just look at something peaceful and pretty is a great way to begin.