Monday, March 11, 2013

Evolving Practice

At the beginning, I was just curious to check out if there was anything to the cards or I Ching, so I just kept using them and noticing the results. 

Over time, my attention kept being draw to cards and I noticed that sometimes things would just pop into my head that sort of sprang from looking at the cards, but was not exactly just an interpretation of them. I have learned that just meditating on the images triggers the connections to my spirit guides and I have learned that when I get an instinct that a message is coming through not to second guess myself for any reason. 

The cards are gateways that open the portals to other knowing. I also use other tools such as pendulums and runes, and I find it there too. In tackling something more open ended, like psychometry, clairvoyance and clairaudience, you really blow the doors off the toolbox, because in those contexts you are not even using a tool, you become the tool. The experience of moving from using tools to being the tool is the biggest revelation, although having favorite tools available is a comfortable way to open the channels for both me and the client.

With all metaphysical teaching, the idea is to become more capable and independent, whether you have a teacher or you are using tools to teach yourself. 

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