Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Transition Point Readings

Transition points are our moments of greatest aliveness. Without challenges we may never discover what we are capable of. What we see as setbacks and failures may in fact hold the seeds of our triumph.

Ever heard of someone who lost their job and thought that it was the most terrible thing that ever happened to them, but later on found some other type of work and are now much happier doing that? Ever known someone who was devastated by the end of their marriage or long term relationship, then subsequently found themselves in a wonderful relationship with a different person? Ever know someone who went bankrupt but then started another business which became a great success? Ever know someone who had a serious life threatening illness or injury but then recovered and found whole new sources of joy in their life?

The biggest motivator for people wanting readings I have noticed over my many years of experience is that they seek out second or third opinions when they reach a change point in their life.

When a person gets laid off their job, when they are thinking of taking a new career direction, when they are ending a relationship, beginning a new relationship, when they face serious illness, when someone close to them dies, when they have an unexpected, mysterious psychic or spiritual experience, at the time of a birthday or significant anniversary.

Sometimes when a person has a spontaneous awakening, they do not know what to make of this event. One of the differences between such a person, an amateur and a professional is that a professional has experience in handling or interpreting spiritual and psychic awakenings and helping a person to integrate them.

These are times when a person who might not ordinarily seek out the services of a reader, these life altering experiences are so profound that the person simply chooses to get an outsider's opinion even if they think that such things are really out there.

We have all had experiences where the input we are getting from family, friends or other professionals may seem to be lacking something, but then something that a reader tells them suddenly clicks, it resonates and make sense in a way that nothing else does.

Years ago, when I was new at this, I used to wonder why total strangers would come to me to ask such profound questions. Then I realized that the objective viewpoint of someone who is not intimately involved in their life is exactly why a neutral party like a professional reader is a good one to seek out as a source of a second opinion.

Your friends and relatives may already have strong opinions about who you should marry, what job you should take, where you should live or other matters, but you may still feel that this does not sync with your own gut feelings, your own soul resonance. The reader may then be serving the purpose of validating your feelings. This is your choice but others were urging you to make a different choice and the reader is one who is encouraging you to be true to yourself.

Transition points are our moments of greatest aliveness. Today's tragedy or disappointment can contain the seeds of transformation and growth.

The forest fires that devour mature trees also provide the heat that open seed pods and nourish the blossoming of the following years.

In the tarot deck, the Tower is frequently depicted as a building knocked down by a lightning bolt. That building may have needed to be knocked down to make way for a new building. Some artists draw the tower in the shape of a person's head or profile. This signifies that sometimes we have too much invested in what was and we need to let go of that to make room for what we will do next.

Make good use of your transition points and let a reader help you see the path forward. You will be glad that you did. People confirm this for me all the time. Transition points can be your power points, your moment of great magic.Don't miss the opportunity to make good use of it.

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