Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All Healing Comes from the Heart, All Knowing Comes from the Heart

Looking at any illustration of the chakras, you can see that the heart is in the middle, with three above and three below. Green is the color of the heart chakra. Green means go. Green means prosperity. Green means working with nature.

Opening our hearts is the key to open the way for good things to happen. When we care about something or someone, then we open our hearts and then, following that, we take action. When we are acting as healers for ourselves and others, the love and compassion that flows from the heart creates the passageway for the healing energy to flow. You see, the heart is the pathfinder. The heart vibrates and responds to people or things we are interested in. The heart then, redirects energies to the other six chakras and their flow becomes stronger.
When we are feeling loving toward ourselves, we gravitate toward doing those things which are good for us. We do things which make us happy. We find ourselves feeling that we enjoy life and so we want to do those things which will help us live well for as long as we live.  
Even when we have serious illnesses or injuries to heal from, our heart can stimulate our mind, our nervous system, our immune system to expand the flow of healing energies to work with the physical things that are being done to help heal us. 
Picture that green engine that represents the heart as a central distributor of all energy. When our heart is open, energy is moved rapidly through our system, and when our heart is closed down and restricted, very little energy is distributed to the other energy centers. So when we allow ourselves to get off track, those other energy centers are awfully quiet, and other systems don't work as well as they do when they are operating optimally. When your heart is open and you say yes to something that really resonates with you, notice how good that feels. 
Our heart is always the first to know what we care about, and what we care about we know, and when we have warmed to a subject, we are moved to find out more about it, or become involved with other people who also care about those same things that are dear to us.  
Sometimes we hesitate to act on these feelings because we are concerned with what other people may think of us, but our feelings are still our feelings and when we want more of those good feelings in our life, we follow that heart energy outward in the direction it is flowing 
We have all had that experience at some time or another where we know something before we know it. How can that be? We can just sense with our heart where our connections are, and then later information comes to us and we get confirmation with facts, knowledge. We often know things before we can prove them, and other times we may know things that we will never be able to prove, things that we simply know in our hearts.
It is always good to make time for that heart connection, even when it is an unplanned encounter or some new revelation that opens our heart in a way that asks us to receive.
Our heart energy will move from curiosity or interest to active involvement and excitement when thoughts manifest into reality and our heart is transmitting signals to our other energy centers.

Knowing is not just about collecting data. Knowing is about sensing where our connections are and wanting to strengthen those connections. When we do what resonates with our heart, we know we are on track in our life path. Remember, green means go.

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