Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Making the Most of 2014 and the Magic of a 7 Year

The new year we have just entered is a 7 year in numerology, which portends progress and expansion for this year. This can be a year of opening to new opportunities and ideas, removing blockages from the past 

and re-energizing ourselves, letting our imaginations soar and expressing new visions for ourselves.

Seven is a number that signifies holistic or spiritual motivations. Most of you who are reading this are familiar with the concept of the seven chakras, or energy centers. Take a good look at them now and see which ones are flowing with powerful energy and which ones may be blocked or only partially open. Ask yourself, where do you want to expand on your strengths and abilities and which areas of your life need healing or clearing? What will you do to address this?

Another powerful image to help us ride with the energies of this year is the Chariot, the seventh card of the tarot. The tarot is all about us taking the reins and being the driver, getting to where we want to go. First, of course, we need to take a moment and bring our vision into focus. Are the goals we have in mind for ourselves today correctly stated? We might need to update our vision for our future from the last time we thought about it because things may have changed. Not the least of these things is the fire within, our inspiration, our heart's desire. We have a much greater passion to achieve our goals if the goals we say we want really match what we feel strongly about. Once we know exactly where we are headed, then we can fire up our engines and drive toward our goals. Are you doing work that you love to do? Do you get out of bed every day looking forward to doing what you have to do? If not, what would it take to get there? Is there passion in your play? Do you put energy and quality into the things you do for fun, or do you do it half-heartedly? If so, it is time for a new hobby or recreational activity. In decks where the chariot is pulled by a black horse and a white horse, this symbolizes our use of both yin/yang energies. When we know how to utilize both of these, we make great progress.   

Another powerful symbol is the seventh rune, which looks like the letter X, and whose name is Gebo and it symbolizes those same polarities expressed in the yin/yang symbol. It is called the Gift for a number of reasons. In good relationships, we need to both give and receive, and so in this aspect, Gebo would be the sign of a powerful, well matched partnership. If you are in an existing relationship, have you and your partner experimented with ways to increase the flow of energies between you? If you are looking for a new relationship, look at your potential partners energetically to see if you can establish that dynamic with them. In order to find that, we need to be open to new ideas, new energies, letting the currents of energy flow through us and between us.    

Try this. Make the shape of the rune with your body. Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart and your arms reaching wide open. Your body will be in a position that looks like the letter X. Chant the name of the rune Gebo, pronouncing it as a hard G and the e like a long A sound. As you stand in this posture and chant this sound, you can feel the waves of energy moving through your body. Doesn't that also look like you are welcoming someone from a distance? What energies are you welcoming into your life? Would you like to gather more of these energies together and harness them to your chariot? 

Open to new energies and ideas this year and watch your results increase in every aspect of your life.  

There are seven days in every week, and it is always a good time to take action. Every week we are given the gift of seven new opportunities. Are we using them?

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