Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All Knowing, All Healing, Comes from the Heart, Part 2

In what way does the heart really lead us? Should we trust it? How do we know?

When you feel that you want to change what you do every day so that you can be involved in work that is more fulfilling, is that your heart moving you in that direction? Yes, it is.

Where do you feel it when you are doing something that makes you happy? The heart, of course, because that is another way of sharing love. When you are doing work that makes a difference to other people and you see, hear and feel their appreciation, you know that this is an experience you want to repeat over and over.

This does not mean you have to be doing something mystical in order to have this experience. You can be fixing people's cars, working in a grocery store, take care of the elderly, help people get their computers working properly or take care of their pets and get this feeling. Anything you do can come from the heart. The important question in deciding if you are in the right place, is does it? Can you change how you feel about what you do? Or do you need to do something else?

Creativity brings happiness. Have you noticed how you lose track of time when you are enjoying your creativity and are expressing yourself through that medium of activity? Any time we do this, we are connecting with spirit, and that is why our sense of self grows larger.

Helping to bring people peace, clarity and opening their eyes to what direction their heart centered path will take them are results that lead most of us to want to be readers or healers. The actual meaning of the word heal is to make whole. It is in our heart that we feel that joy when our lives are whole and connected, rather than fragmented parts. A person who is happy with their choices feels expansive, like the world is full of good people and good things, and they are glad to choose them.

When we feel that we are in a good relationship, our heart is smiling. There is no pressure, only contentment and joy. Notice that I did not say when we are in the one perfect relationship, because I think that is a thought that brings more sadness than happiness.

There are many people on this planet who could be an excellent relationship for us. At some point, we simply choose to be happy in this relationship. And this is true whether you are in a hetero or gay relationship or whether your relationship is exclusive or open. Who we choose to have a relationship with is simply a matter of free will choice.

I see more frustration among people who are searching for their perfect soulmate because they can always find some imperfection or way that the other person does not measure up to their idea of perfection. So they are constantly coming up short in their search.

If, on the other hand, you check with your heart and find that you can be expansive, happy and at peace with the other person, then it doesn't matter much if they choose to do some activities that you do not care about. You allow each other enough freedom to have some aspects of yourself that are not identical matches, and you can be fine with that. As long as your heart is smiling with them most of the time, you can be in a good relationship with them.

When there are things we want to know more about, isn't it your heart that is moving you in that direction? Whether it is wanting to read a book that has caught your attention or you want to play a musical instrument or spend more time engaged in a physical activity, are these not heart driven initiatives?

Following this lead is often what takes us into further studies. We read a book or meet a person and then we find ourselves asking the question, can they really do that? And so our life follows that path and we practice, or apprentice or consider it our hobby until we get an answer to the question, can we really do that?

I remember reading a short story years ago about a man who was in poor health who watched martial arts movies for entertainment. As he watched the martial artists do incredible feats, he asked, "Can they really do that?" So he began taking martial arts lessons to find out if he could really do that, his health improved, and he lived a long and happy life.

In my own life, curiosity has fueled my quests. I saw a deck of cards and I wanted to know how people could know things from shuffling a deck and looking at cards, so I began a long journey of familiarizing myself with them, asking people if they were interested and then seeing what happened when I shuffled the deck and laid our the cards. It feels very good to be able to do that.

When I experienced other people who could do energy healing, I wondered how that worked. How could just being near a person and moving the energy around them help them feel better? I didn't know, but I wanted to find out. So I found someone to teach me, and I found out.

Curiosity comes from the heart. It is about openness. When we are curious and want to know, it is our heart leading us on another adventure. A person with a closed heart says "I don't know what that person or experience is about and I don't want to know." A person with an open heart says "I don't know what that person or experience is about, but I want to know."


Take a look at how you are navigating your life. Are you allowing your heart to lead you to greater knowing, to new experiences, to increased joy?
Be willing to ask questions, approach people who you feel drawn to and follow your heart. You will be glad you did. 


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