Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Is What It Ain't

A common phrase is "It is what it is" but sometimes a thing "is what it ain't."

Often this saying is one of resignation, an assumption that you can't do anything about it. But consider this.

One person may be looking at this thing they consider useless, but another person uses it to create a work of art. I have seen old, discarded, worn out car tires become insulation for a house. What used to be a moving part on a vehicle is now filled with dirt and keeping somebody's house warm. The fact that that old tire is not fit to be on a car again does not mean it can't be useful.

Have you ever seen a mosaic made out of old glass bottles set in concrete? Ever seen a wind chime made out of old bottles?

Next time you go to a costume party, notice how some of the most creative costumes might be creations made from what used to be fashionable clothing.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a day job that is a lot less of everything we ever wanted. But it may just be the place that inspires us to make our move into what we really want to do next. That might be the universe's way of showing us how to take the old flat tire and do something completely different with it.

There are times in our life when we learn what we want by being certain of what we don't want. And there are times when creative people recognize where there is an opening for a new opportunity by recognizing what is not working and then finding something that will work.

When our old jobs, our old careers can no longer go on as they were, creative people look for ways to create different opportunities, or at least be open to the fact that there are other opportunities. Sometimes we find that these offer us an opening that was not there before.

Eyes wide open, ears wide open, sometimes knowing that "it is what it ain't" is the key to joy, creativity. recognition and satisfaction.

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