Monday, May 17, 2010

Un-Ascended Masters

I always get a kick out of it when I see postings for people interested in ascension in various forms. I can state for the record I am not. I like being here, now, on this planet. Earthiness feels really good.

There are postings out there claiming that 2012 will be some sort of an ascension. That whole series of apocalyptic novels was about ascension of a sort. Supposedly, all the people of a certain religious persuasion would be floated up to the great beyond, while the rest of us are all Left Behind. That's fine with me. I prefer to think of it as Left Alone.

Seems to be a real mishmosh of ideas these days. One of those card sets using the theme ascended masters contains my old pal Pan, along with Archangel Michael, Parmahansa Yogananda, St. Germain, Christ, Buddha and a whole bunch of other assorted folks. I kind of wonder if Pan would consider himself an ascended master. I kind of think not.

I attach no significance to 2012. I think the old stone carvers just got tired once they got a few thousand years ahead. I see is as just another marketing gizmo for some people.

As far as real changes taking place here on this planet, shifts in consciousness, yes, that is happening, in all aspects of life. But everybody who has a better idea for how to do things can't just float on up out of here, nor do I think they will. We need some un-ascended masters to stay grounded and do what needs to be done here.

I am perfectly content to enjoy life in the here and now, and see what happens after I die, after I die. Un-ascended masters have plenty to do while they are here. The ones who feel a need to float away, let them. Those of us who are left alone will find plenty of ways to enjoy our stay. Right, Pan? I know you are still here.

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