Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Edge Between What Was and What Will Be

The edge between here and there is always a fine line. The naked truth is that the walls going up at my day job sets the fact in concrete that there will not be people coming back into the room to work once the construction is complete.

My naked ambition is about making a living doing something I love. That would be the optimum situation for everyone, wouldn't it?

On this fine edge is simply the question of the jumping off point. When you do not have a big nest egg to carry you, and no one else to pay your way until your new business really starts to fly, when do you make your move?

I have talked to other people who were forced into accelerating the development of their businesses when the corporation they were working for offshored their jobs. They were not planning on going for it at that very moment, but when the choice is to go for it or try and find another job in another corporation, the incentive is very compelling and everything contributes to the momentum.

Creating a new business forces a person outside of their comfort zone in order to create a successful venture that can support them. The exception to this, of course, would be the person who has enough of a financial cushion so that they can live well no matter how the business performs. If a person is so insulated, their drive will be less. When a person must generate enough to not only succeed, but to live well, necessity becomes the mother of invention. The well of creativity is visited and drunk from daily.

Sometimes we seek to have enough of the way smoothed for us or enough of a cushion in case we fall, but sometimes circumstances force us to sink or swim on short notice. Sometimes with that much drive to survive kicking in, people dig deep and find the way to succeed.

Some people get to choose when to jump off the edge, and some get pushed. Either way, once off the edge, you have to hit the ground running.

I take a moment to give thanks for everything I have received so far, and how well things have worked out, and I balance on the edge, sensing the right time to use my skills and get a handle on the art of negotiating the edge once more.

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