Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winter's Last Mask

The rain was wonderful this evening, and it will be great if it does not continue to turn into snow. Perhaps by the new moon on Thursday, the snow will just be in the mountains.

Rain sounds encourage softening thoughts, cozy evenings, quiet thoughts. Quiet jazz, a trumpet setting a mood in the background. A quiet book, one that prompts appreciative thoughts. Candles, incense, hot tea.

A card for this evening. A woman in a mask, not showing her face just yet. Like spring still masked by another cold snap. The masked woman is ready to share her gifts, but we have to be willing to accept them while she still wears her mask.

We are eager for the warmth of spring, the colors and scents of flowering plants, but for some reason, she is not ready to reveal herself totally just yet. She is aware of our mood, and she is tantalizing us. But she is not totally unreachable. She is eager to let herself go, ready to shed the winter mask. When spring comes, her energy will burst open and show us all the vitality and energy that has been hidden from our view behind that mask.

Winter wanted to make one last brief appearance before giving way to spring. She is being coy with us to remind us what the world is like without warmth, new growth, and the shaking of the sleep from all that is eager to emerge.

The growth of our seeds requires that the shells be opened, so that we can climb out and take on our new forms. Our businesses, our relationships, our efforts in all aspects are being drawn out of their shells, into the light and heat.

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