Monday, May 24, 2010

How the World Began, Begins, Again

Does it really matter how the world began? I don't think so. What matters is that we are here now. What matters is what we do now. That is what matters.

Some of us are making money doing work that we love. Some of us are trying to make that transition into work that we love. Perhaps at present, the best some of us can say is that we have some income from our work. That helps for the moment.

What makes a difference is whether we can get up in the morning with the feeling that there are possibilities for us, that there are ideas we can try, methods we can check out.

Are we thinking of leads to check out? Even ideas that do not work can reveal other potentials. Sometimes new people we meet offer us useful ideas for our business. If we keep our eyes and ears open, we can explore these leads. Where one idea does not bear fruit, if we keep on looking, some other one will.

If we are in a situation where we simply see ourselves trading our labor for some money, there are ways to find pleasure in our every day life. Whether it is the pleasure of a cup of coffee during a break, the pleasure of communicating with friends through email, the pleasure of great sex after work, the pleasure of cooking a meal, the pleasure of reading a book, the pleasure of watching a movie, the pleasure of taking a bath and soaking in it a good long while, the pleasure of sitting by an open window, feeling the breeze and listening to the birds sing.

What does all that have to do with how the world began? Nothing. That is exactly my point. We will never be able to know the answer to that question. The stories from the various cultural folklore and mythologies are simply stories.

Why? At some point people felt a need to make up those stories rather than saying "I don't know" when they were asked how the world began.

But none of them matter. All that matters is that we appreciate each day, and find ways to find pleasure in each day. Stay focused on getting the most out of today.

How the world began is nowhere near as important as how the next moment begins.

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