Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Do You See?

Notice how the scenery always changes, even if you are not going anywhere. How can that be?

When our state of mind changes, our perception changes. When our feelings change, our moods change, and so we see things in a different light.

Just like you can drive down the same road to work every day and then one day see something new, not something newly built, something that was there all the time and you just didn't see it until now. How could that happen? How aware are we of the world around us every day?

So look around you. Do you see a world of helpful people? Or not? Do you see a world of friendly people? Or not? Do you see a world full of interesting people? Or not?

What influences what you see? Did you ever see it differently than you do now?

If you would like to change what you see, what would you need to do?

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