Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Do You Feel?

What do you feel as you go through your day? What do you feel as you go through your night?

Do you let your feelings guide your actions? Do you heed them or disregard them?

When you have a decision to make, do you follow your feelings, or ignore them?

There are things we know through our senses. We know what oranges, lavender and smoke smell like, what wool, cotton and skin feel like. We know what the moon, pine trees and mountains look like. We know how tomatoes, chocolate and bacon taste.

These are examples of things we know. We know them through our senses and our feelings. That is different than the knowledge we have because we saw or heard an announcement or a report.

It's not the same kind of knowing that we get from feeling, is it?

What we know from feeling is more personal. What we acquire from other sources is less personal, less familiar, less important.

Ever heard the saying that all news is local? Here's an example. Are you more concerned that a store that you used to like to shop at in your neighborhood went out of business, or the fact that there is a war going on thousands of miles away? Are you feeling more concerned that you need to do something about the fact that your clothes are fitting tighter now than they did last year, or the fact that some country you will never visit has corrupt elections?

When you have to make a decision about who to love or what kind of job you will do for money, are you guided by personal knowledge or abstract knowledge?

Personal is powerful. Feelings have their root in survival instincts.

What do you feel? So what do we do now? Of course, if something feels good we want more of it. If something does not feel good we want less of it.

Feelings lead us to the people we enjoy being with. Feelings lead us to the work we find satisfying to do.

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