Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our natural appetite for love is ferocious. A panoramic vision, a desire boldly stated. Larger than the small lives that some of us settle for. Those who would not describe it that way have simply tamped it down. Who does not feel the yearning, the desire? Who does not know that they contain this fire within them? It can get tamped down if we allow ourselves to think that we do not deserve to be able to feed this fire, or if we think it is not possible.

What could be bigger than our desire for love? What differs from person to person is how we get it.

When we are trying to express ourselves as part of a couple, what really determines how well we are matched is how our ferocious appetite is fed, or not fed, by our partner.

Our ferocious appetite is sometimes tamped down when we are allowing other interests in life, such as our work, to divert attention from it. Work, when it is a labor of love, can feed our ferocious appetite. But in so many of our lives, we may be doing work that is simply trading time for a paycheck.

Our ferocious appetite is really about the love in our life. Everything else is second to that.

Why do I use the term ferocious? Because it is wild, large and primal. Because it is the force that motivates us, drives us to do whatever we do, drives whatever relationships we form and cultivate.

The ferociousness of our desire is what teaches us to be brave, strive for what we really want and wrap our arms around it. The ferociousness of our desire has everything to do with how great a vision we pursue and how we go about it.

Great loves produce great results. Look around you. Those who have ferocious appetites for love and pursue them make great impacts on the world. The people all around them can feel it.

Our ferocious appetite for love needs to be fed, and if it is not, we will be consumed by not feeding it.

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