Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Hands & 2 Feet into the Future

What Does It Mean to Have a Personal Goal? The answer to this question is both obvious and not.

When we have a personal goal, it gives us something to aim for. It motivates us to try harder, enlarges both our vision and our reach.

So while personal goals can serve to get us something we want, it is also stretching us beyond that.

Working toward personal goals can move us into bigger realms, into evolutions of our body, mind and spirit.

Having a personal goal is an engine that drives us into our future. We do have a hand in our future. Two hands, in fact, and two feet.

In the course of our life, we will set goals and achieve them and then set new ones. We can also fail to meet goals we set and then reset them. There is wisdom, strength and victory in either outcome.

So take a look at your goals. You have two hands and two feet to get you into the future. These are your magic wands. These are your tickets to ride. Your imagination sets the course, and your hands and feet get you there.

Personal goals hold the keys to our imagination. Are you ready to unlock it?

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