Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Magic

Today is Friday and a great day for invoking the magic of Freya for good fortune in your dating activities this weekend. Who couldn't use a little magic in their love life?

If you don't have an active love life, you want one. If you have one, there is always room for a little more sparkle and excitement.

What intentions are you setting as you prepare for your Friday night? What would you like to have happen? What are you doing to make it happen?

If you were to call on Freya and ask her for assistance with something, what would it be?

Freya was one of the most sexual of the ancient goddesses. She was very open about enjoying and using her sexual energy, so it is very fitting that the times of the week which are most popular for inviting someone to get together with you are Friday and Saturday night, with Friday night, Freya's night, kicking off the weekend celebrations of lust, flirtation and fertility.

Interesting how it all fits together. Why else are Friday and Saturday nights the biggest nights for dating and partying? Because most people work a schedule from Monday through Friday, so Saturday and Sunday are the times when they get to sleep late then get up and just do things they want to do, and be with people they want to be with.

Freya opens the gateway to our pleasure each weekend. She celebrates abundance as well as sexuality, with our efforts having earned us enough money and freedom so that we can enjoy the weekend. And then heading back to work on Monday, she certainly supports our efforts to do well and make more money.

Doing what we like certainly facilitates our enjoyment of the activities by which we make money. And Freya is all about doing what we like.

For those of us whose money making activities often fall on weekends as well, I feel her blessing my efforts and making them ever more abundant, and then facilitating that flow of energy into the after hours, when the celebrations of life, and the expressions of love, or at least like, kick into high gear.

Enter the weekend on your day Freya!

So what is it you would like this weekend, reader?

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