Thursday, May 3, 2012

Relationships & Our Spirit Code

Relationships provide some of the most powerful lessons that we ever get in our lifetime. Although there are other aspects of life that also provide powerful lessons, relationships are where we expose our feelings, our most personal aspects. Things that we share with our partner in a relationship tend to be those things that we don't always feel comfortable sharing with the whole world.

By comparison, being laid off from a job or being forced into a career change does not always have a personal component. It often does, but not always.

Relationships, however, always reach to the roots of our feelings, which is why transitions can be difficult.

At the close of a relationship, how often do we say to ourselves "I should have seen that coming" or "I should have ended this months ago" or "Why did I let that happen?"

These all point to the life lessons these relationships taught us. Our feelings are always the part of us that bears the brunt of the impact when the two opposing parties clash.

The genesis of this collision can be that we realize that the person we have been sharing our life with has decided that their dreams are something far different than what we want. The dissonance is jarring when we feel like we suddenly don't know the person we would have said we were closest to until very recently. A difference is revealed and we wonder how we could have been mistaken in such a large way. Was this always so and we just did not notice? Or did something new take root and develop and caught us by surprise?

Our spirit code points the way to these powerful life lessons, and the traces they leave on us draw the map they make on our psyche. From this map of the lessons brought home so powerfully by our relationships, our most powerful teachers, present us with immediate opportunities for pattern recognition.

Once we recognize those patterns, we can see and feel the lessons we need to master in this lifetime. Our spirit code is written all over us, and for those who know how to read these maps, the greatest sorrows can fertilize the soil in which our greatest joy will later take root.

It is not always easy to see in the moment, but when someone touches our soul in just the right way, our spirit code is rewritten, with the luminous points and lines reverberating until they are soothed by the healing touch of a new experience in relationships that rebuilds stronger the next time. It will happen when we open to it, and our spirit code is rewired and rewritten to take our lessons into account.

Yes, our spirit codes tap into the essence of our true power, and our great journey.

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