Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maps of Our Spirit Code

When we reflect on the turning points in our lives, there are usually moments of illumination that that stand out with crystal clarity to herald the changes to come.

There are images that are indelibly engraved on our mind when we knew from our heart to our soul from our feet to our head and everything else in between, that from that moment on, everything would change.

Of course, there were periods in our lives where everything was peaceful and happy for a while, and other times when everything seemed to be off track. Those moods or periods could flow on for a while.

But it is those singular moments, like when you sold the guitar you had for years because you were broke. Or the time you came home and found that your apartment had been burglarized. Or it could have been that DUI and accident that caused you to not be able to drive for a year or two. Perhaps it was that time when you hiked to a place in the mountains where you were standing in snow while looking down on the desert. Maybe that moment when you hiked to a ridge line and a glider circled around you, and you were eye level with the pilot.

Of course, there are those happy moments too, when the things you were planning and working on all came together and you got compliments on it for a long time after.

Or the moment when you met someone new and you felt like you two were connected by a magnetic field, and then that relationship lasted for years.

Perhaps it was when you were the first person in your family to graduate from high school or college. It could have been that game winning hit, or that time when you were onstage playing your music, the people were listening and enjoying it and you felt in that moment that nothing in the world could be better.

Our lives are full of lessons, but it is these moments that really illuminate our vision and we feel fully. In those moments, our lives are brimming over with feelings of joy, victory, power and deep sorrow and deep satisfaction.

In those moments, our minds are not wandering, they are fully present with our bodies. In those moments, we are most alive. The stories of our lives will forever be illuminate by these moments of crystal clarity and electrifying emotions.

Our lives are stories, defined in moments. These are maps of our spirit code.

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