Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seeds of Greatness

We all have seeds of greatness within us. What causes these seeds to germinate and take root will vary from one to another.

Within one person it may be the water of the emotions that softens the hull of the seed until it gives way to the unfurling of the life within the seed.

Within another person it may be the light shining in that warms the seed until it is energized enough to push up the sprouts through the surface.

In another case, it may be that the soil around it needs to be loosened and turned until the seed finds just the right angle to ease the opening and open a path for the tendrils to climb.

Then there is the air that unlocks the secret of the seed by blowing in the currents of warmth and invisible particles of nutrients that slowly move aside the constrictions of the small space, letting the seed sense its larger future.

Similarly, each of us needs combinations of these elements to allow our seeds of greatness to sprout and grow.

In one way or another, all the varieties of holistic healing, divination and magic exist precisely to stir that growth into actuality.

Each one of these modalities holds a piece of the puzzle and a key to unlocking the seeds of greatness. Just as some plants need more water and some more light, one person may need to revisit the stories of their past, another may need the subtle, silent transfer of energy while a special ceremony might unlock the seed for another.

There have been countless stories published by now about how people have come back from death, serious illness, war, business failure and more only to have their lives turn around from some seemingly small action, such as changing their diet, meditating, getting help from some sort of alternative healer or taking up new spiritual and mental habits.

There are seeds of greatness within each person at all times. They were there when we were born, and they are there now, no matter how old we are. It is never too late to nurture those seeds and find out what more we might become.

We all have potential, but if that potential remains dormant, then we limit what we might become. Nurturing the seeds of growth unleashes new energies. Our lives will look very different once these have sprouted.

Most of us have seen our plans for our lives take a number of turns already. The sprouting of the new seeds simply opens up more potential for us, more options for how we use our time and energy for the rest of our lives.

What seeds of greatness are within us? Are you ready to see what will happen when they begin to grow? It is never too late.

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