Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Frame of Reference

Often we sell ourselves short and we forget that our resume is a list of what we have done, not what we can do. To unlock more potential, we need to get people to see us in a new light, to open up to what is possible, not simply what has been done.

In the past, we may have looked at the record of our accomplishments as indicating the kind of thing we were prepared to do next, but now as we adapt to all the changes in the world, it becomes even more important for people to see us as someone with abilities that can be applied, one of those principle abilities being the ability to learn and grow.

Do not limit this reference to applying for a job, because some of us may venture out and start our own business, and we still need people to view us as someone who is capable of doing what they say.

Similarly, if we are entering into a new personal relationship, people will want to know what they can expect of us from here forward, not necessarily what we did back then.

Experience and ability prepare us for what comes next. Part of our learning is about not making the same mistakes over and over while reinforcing our best features so that they can be put to use for us again.

When we create a new frame of reference, we open a place for a new picture to go inside of it.

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