Saturday, August 9, 2008

Acting from Knowing

If we were to act from our experience and base our knowledge on what works and what does not, our world would look much different. For example, if we have heard about Reiki, but never experienced it, all we have to go on is what we have read or heard about. We only really know about it if we have experienced it. A person could be satisfied with the results of a Reiki session without really understanding exactly how it works. Skeptical people have also tried Tarot readings when they were at a turning point in their lives or just felt like they needed another insight or opinion. And even frequently they come away with some useful input, even though they do not understand how this reader could have come up with it.

We know what sorts of foods and what sorts of exercise feel good to us. How? By simply tuning into our bodies. We know the difference between consuming an amount of alcohol that feels comfortable and an amount that feels uncomfortable. We know the difference between a meal that leaves us feeling good and one that leaves us feeling like we need to loosen our belts and take a nap. When we make choices based on something other than our feelings, our firsthand knowledge gained from experience, then we do not get our best results.

So why do we ignore how we feel and instead substitute some belief? And a belief is by its nature something that we do not know.

Our world is full of beliefs. We choose actions on what we believe to be true about money and love. We choose actions on what we believe to be true about all kinds of things.

What would happen if we only acted on those things that we know to be true from first hand experience? How would our life be different if we only chose to do those things that made us feel good and we knew to be good for us? What if we were open to trying new things to experience them?

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