Saturday, August 16, 2008

Letting Go

When trying to let go and de-clutter it might be helpful to remember that we have to clear old energy out to make way for new energy to come in.

I have had periods of my life when I accumulated stuff, but I have also let go of a lot when making moves.

Two and a half years ago, after I got divorced, I moved across the country and started over fresh. I left my old place with nothing but my car and what would fit in it.

That may seem shocking to some, but by just bringing a small number of books that I really wanted, plus my personal papers, computer, some CDs, clothes, and a few other items, I started my whole life over again.

In furnishing a new place, the only things I bought brand new were a bed frame & mattress and a few kitchen things. Everything else came from yard sales. Amazing how abundant the universe is, and it was fun finding what I needed that way, not to mention debt-free.

I discovered that all the stuff I no longer had simply does not matter. It did not stop me from starting a new life, getting a new job and making new friends. Yes, once in a while I might wish that I had a particular book, decorative item or something, but I noticed that after I thought about it for a little while that the feeling passed, and I discovered that what I had was just fine for whatever I needed.

Sometimes having a lot of stuff holds us back. We have to mess with taking care of it, and it takes up space that could be used for something else. Some people have so much stuff that they rent storage units year round to keep it all in. I personally could not imagine having so much stuff that I could not live with it. And the storage rent could easily be used for a more productive purpose. I have taken books I am done with and trade at used book stores. Donate old clothes to charities. Give other things away to people who can use them.

De-cluttering feels good in another important way too. Notice how when you have half done projects laying around you feel a little guilty for never getting around to doing them? I don't know about you, but old sports equipment left over from sports I no longer do always made me feel more sad than happy. Getting that stuff out of our way clears the space for us to take on new projects, and if we keep things clear, we can focus on them and complete them, which will give us more satisfaction.

I would go so far as to phrase it this way. Really Clearing and de-cluttering can be as much of a shamanic challenge to some people as fasting, walking on fire, or camping out with only water, a blanket and a small fire. When you let go of the old stuff filling up your living space, what does that leave room for you to do?

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