Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love, Fear and Ethnicity

One of the aspects of ethnicity is that from a love perspective, good things are learning to appreciate the differences in cultures and savoring the contributions each has made to humanity.

One of the aspects of the fear perspective is that when people whip up too much animosity over this subject, we have violence between ethnic groups.

Having pride in one's roots adds to the richness of our culture and our individual lives. When we have too much of it, that's when problems occur.

Each time when we look at a conflict between races, ethnic groups, or nationalities, we find an economic problem at the root. If we look to find a solution to the economic problem, we see the larger evolution of humanity, and find ways that work for everyone. Old jealousies, biases and hatreds must be worked out of our system if we are ever to have a more peaceful planet. Always be suspicious of those who play on those prejudices and stereotypes to inflame attitudes in an unhealthy, unproductive and violent way.

Always look at what is happening and ask if this developement comes from love or fear.

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