Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deja Vu This Time Too

Have you ever met someone and had the distinct sense that they remind you a lot of someone else you have known in this lifetime?

Deja vu is a concept that is usually applied to a spontaneous past life recall, but it can also happen within the same lifetime. When meeting someone whose personality, character, look or behavior strikes you as familiar, have you ever thought that this is another opportunity to balance the karmic scales?

Haven't we all had times when we thought that if we had an opportunity for a do-over? Perhaps a relationship or an event over that we would have handled differently if we had known then what we know now? Like magic, the opportunity appears when we are not expecting it, and in the similarity of what we are presented, we see the opportunity to handle it better this time.

We do not always need to have more and more reincarnations to learn our lessons. Perhaps if we find ourselves presented with the same lesson at another time, we are really facing the opportunity to learn our lessons faster. Perhaps even the recognition that this is a lesson at all, or that it is karmic, is the lesson in itself, no matter how it resolves, no matter how we handle it.

Of course, part of growing wiser through our years and experience is learning to recognize situations and people and apply our strength, knowledge and abilities in ways that serve all.

Yes, there is deja vu in this lifetime too.

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