Monday, August 11, 2008

Writing Your Own Life Story

We always have to keep in mind that what we have done is only what we have chosen to do, or needed to do, so far. It is not all that we can do.

Especially those of us who have had more than one career or more than one marriage, we may have changed many things over the years, from our friends to our spiritual path, to our exercise habits to our tastes in art, music and food.

We have many opportunities now to create new careers, explore new interests, and the inspiration to do so. It is interesting to reflect on such things, and birthdays of course, are a natural stimulant in that way.

We remember all the love and the fascinating people we have met. We remember all the unusual experiences we had. When we make a list of the important influences, changes and events in our lives, there are patterns that are revealed that indicate something about us. How those patterns are interpreted can tell different stories.

Have you ever attempted to write a version of your life story. It does not have to be a book. It could be just a few pages. Just enough to hit the highlights and see the patterns.

If we were to write versions of the story of our life, how would we tell it? Just for fun, think about rewriting it so that it could be interpreted into alternate versions. How would you tell your story? It is a fascinating lesson in how we see ourselves and what shapes our visions. It makes us aware of our desires and lets us view the outcomes.

All of this can be a valuable tool for focusing our energies on the next phase of our lives. Try it. If you would like to talk with me about it after you are done, I would love to hear from you.

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