Friday, February 6, 2009

Choosing Friends

I think that sometimes we seek out friends who have a lot in common with us. Some of them represent qualities we want more of in life, and others are comfortable just the way they are.
Those who have some qualities or characteristics that we admire and want to emulate really are teachers even though we may not call them that.

I think that sometimes we want to pick up ideas and methods simply by emulation. We want to try those things on for size because we see them working well for others.

For one example, if we admire the way a person has been successful in business, we may want to get closer to them to pick up all the pointers we can. If we admire the way another handles their personal relationships, we try and pick up all the pointers from them that we can.

In a way, we want those things to rub off on us. Growth by association might be a good term for it. That is why friends change. Maybe the qualities and characteristics we admire now are different from those we admired a few years ago.

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