Monday, February 9, 2009

Constant Refinement

I am diabetic and have managed to control it for years through diet, exercise and medication. Then I stopped paying close attention because I was feeling better. Then I started feeling worse. Now I have to put an extra effort on my diet and exercise to get back on track. Those of us who have a chronic problem like diabetes we have to pay constant attention, but it is easy to lapse and forget when we are feeling well.

A recent check up reminded me that I have to refine my diet once again to really reduce blood sugar levels. That plus renewing my exercise schedule again. There is no shortcut. I simply have to make time for it. There was a time when I followed my plan more closely and got good results, then because I was getting good results, I let it slide.

I know what needs to be done, I just didn't do it for a while. So here I am this evening, preparing tomorrow's lunch so that I can stay on track.

Here I am going out for a walk every evening, and enjoying it.

Taking more medicines is just not what I want to look forward to. I am working my way off of them.

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