Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Future from Here

Novelists have been the most consistently accurate people at predicting the future. Why Because they let their imagination run freer than other people are used to doing. I have had one person tell me that they really are good at predicting the future because the powers that be gave them inside information, but that seems too paranoid for me. Another possibility is that they just look at the way certain things are going and let their mind follow the flow of the energies if they were to proceed on the course they are on.

Fiction writers are probably the ultimate example of people who can focus their minds for an extended period of time, consistently following a number of characters and events, and holding a vision in their mind while they write. They can also change the sequence of events as they rewrite. It is all about storytelling, and any good storyteller has to be able to see the story in their mind's eye.

Now think about that same process and how it figures into your life. When you hear people talking about positive thinking and affirmations, that is what they are doing, picturing themselves being in a particular place, doing a particular action, interacting with people, suing things.

The important difference is that a novelist will simply let those characters and events remain as mental creations, stories that we can read and bring to life in our imagination. When we are trying to bring about change in our life, we need to not only picture it happening, but also take action steps to make it real.

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