Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creative Progress

One of the most important ingredients in healing is creativity. One of the most important ingredients in making progress in our relationships or our careers is creativity. Why would this be so?

Because creativity encourages us to make us of all our resources and forge different neural pathways in our minds and bodies.

For example, if we have a health issue, we are challenged to change our eating and exercise habits. So we have to make it interesting to eat different foods and prepare them differently than we used to. If we accept this challenge, we find ourselves scouting for ideas about how to increase the appeal of foods through the use of herbs and spices. We learn which herbs and spices can strengthen our health to help remedy a problem.

So creativity helps us live healthier lives.

Take another aspect. We need more exercise, but a gym routine does not appeal to us. So we take up walking as a simple way to meet the need. We can either make it a point to be very observant and notice all the things in our surroundings, or we can walk while listening to a book or some other interesting program.

Many people who are finding the desire and need to start a new business of their own need to use creativity to make that successful. When we just check into somebody else's business and follow their rules and procedures, creativity is often discouraged. The opposite is true when we are building a new business of our own. We try all kinds of things to find ways to succeed.

Creativity, from dancing and music to writing, to painting, drawing, pottery and woodwork, all have been proven to help with problems like depression and recovery from serious illness.

Creativity is all about making more use of all our capacities as people. It means using knowledge and skills that had been dormant or underutilized. Creativity helps us live more fully. It is not the frilly, trivial stuff. It is actually the stuff that is essential.

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