Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pan Dancing All Over the Place

If you think that my idea that maybe the goal of spirits is to come to Earth is backwards, consider this. Why is the US the number one destination on this planet? Why do more immigrants and refugees want to come here than any other place on the planet?

Obviously, the opportunity to live crammed in an apartment or house with several other people, eating beans and rice every day is a step up from wherever they were. The water out of the tap tastes better than a lot of the water they had access to on the way here. Even in an apartment with little privacy and only the cheapest, most monotonous diet, they also have running water, electricity, a telephone, radio, TV, heat and air conditioning or at least fans.

When they go to the store, they are amazed at the variety of choices they have in all kinds of products. Compared to a life of hard work, near starvation and living in a hut, the taste of life here is paradise.

If it is that way here, why not in the cycle of rebirth?

Can you imagine that a spirit might desire an opportunity to feel what it is like to kiss, taste a nice piece of meat right off the BBQ with a glass of wine, the feel of dancing with a person in their arms, or taking a walk in the forest and drinking a cold glass of water at the trail's end?

In the same way that an immigrant would feel like it is a great experience to live in an apartment which might might be meager by our standards, but regal by theirs, perhaps a spirit might long for the pleasure of physical sensations after being disembodied.

Maybe even the opportunity to face tragedy and sadness is a uniquely human experience. We have opportunities to make our own lives better and help others. Feeling, in and of itself, might be a thing that pure spirits are incapable of.

If all potential lies within us, and if our thoughts can create things, then we are capable of creating our heaven right here on Earth. Life is what you make it. Maybe it is not better to be floating around up there somewhere. If going beyond is the big prize, why do we keep coming back here?

Maybe that whole thing of getting our rewards in the great beyond is merely a ruse to misdirect our attention again. What would you do differently if you acted as if we are in a place where we have the ability to make changes and enjoy life? What if we chose in each minute to do those things which would make this more of a paradise? Then our rewards would not have to wait until the great unknown.

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