Saturday, February 14, 2009

How All the Parts Fit Into the Bigger Picture

It is always amazing to comprehend how the symphony composers put all these pieces together in their mind. They write the parts for all those different instruments without actually playing all of those instruments. That is quite different than a band getting together and each musician contributes a part to the whole.

In the case of a composer, each instrument's part leads to the completion of the bigger picture. Think of how many different threads have to be woven together to create the whole effect.

How does that concept work in our lives? How often do we have to bring many parts together to bring a project to completion?

A composer's task seems huge because it does require a lot. But it is only one example, and it demonstrates the remarkable ability we all possess to keep many things going at once. Picture a symphony orchestra in your mind. That is an affirmation of how much one mind is capable of. When you face a daunting challenge, perhaps you have been underestimating yourself. We are all capable of more. What is the more that you want to do?

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