Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can the Problem Also Be the Solution?

There are two real reasons that there are 45 million Americans without health care coverage. One is that health insurance companies have chosen not to sell policies to people with "pre-existing conditions."

The second reason 45 million Americans do not have health care coverage is because the self employed and self insured got quotes on policies that were so steep that they could not afford them.

Considering that health insurance is a way to help people pay their bills when they are ill or injured, denying participation to those who are likely to need help has always seemed to me to be particularly cruel and a rip off of consumers by the insurance companies. Their strategy for making profits has been to sell policies to those least likely to need care and then deny claims whenever they can.

Since the insurance companies have created these problems, it seems only sensible that a government option is needed.

For this reason, I would like to see the current bill fail until it is changed.

The current bill would mandate that everyone purchase some kind of coverage from the insurance companies. However, the problem was created by insurance companies, so all this bill does is guarantee that more money will flow to the insurance companies. I am opposed to creating legislation that would benefit the very companies that created the problem.

What would I really like to see? The kind of single payer health care system that people in Europe, Britain, Canada and Australia all have.

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