Monday, January 11, 2010

The Other

There are numerous movies and novels that play off the theme of a person selling their soul to the devil in return for great success. The most famous story in classic literature that uses this theme is Faust.

Sometimes reporters or commentators on news events will refer to something as a Faustian bargain, implying a really nasty deal.

But is it ever really possible?

I think that we give the imaginary creature known as the Devil too much credit.

For example, it was rumored that certain great musicians made deals with the devil in order to achieve their greatness. But why not jump to the conclusion that dedication and practice led to mastery of their instruments?

In Europe, there are a number of bridges that were so masterfully constructed by medieval craftsmen that they were given the name "Devil's Bridges" because people somehow developed the opinion that projects that amazing had to be the product of some deal that gave the craftsmen superhuman powers.

But I think that we ought to take more credit for everything we do.

I think that all of us are capable of much more and when people suddenly rise to their greatness that it is a product of a person calling on all their resources, not a secret deal with an imaginary creature.

It is often corrupt politicians and greedy corporate execs who make life hell for people. They don't need any help from the devil. But there again, they are not taking credit for their accomplishments. Rarely do you hear someone step up to the microphone and cameras and say that they wanted to take a certain action just because they wanted to bag another few million for themselves no matter how it impacted customers, employees or the community.

Back to the other more positive aspect, when a person achieves something beyond whatever others have done, why don't we see it as showing the rest of us just how much we can do if we just focus our energies?

When we no longer focus on the other, the power shifts back to us and what we can do.

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