Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Fool's Journey

I remember when I bought my first deck of cards. I was simply taking a walk while I was vacationing and noticed this little gift store. I spotted this little deck of cards and the illustration on the box indicated that it was a deck for fortune telling. It was a deck of 36, a Lenormand type deck, although I did not know that at the time.

Looking at them I wondered what the pictures could mean, by themselves or in combination with other cards. I wondererd what the differences were in meaning from one card to another. Fortunately for me, the deck did not come with any kind of instruction book, so I was simply left to using my own imagination to figure it out.

The technique I used was simple. I asked people to think about what they wanted to know while they shuffled the cards. Then I took some off the top and saw some meaning in the pattern, something that told me what the story was. People told me that they enjoyed my reading and that provided answers to their questions.

Later on, someone showed me what a Celtic Cross spread was and I used that because I did not know anything else. Later on again, I saw a tarot deck, a Rider, and then I started working with that, although the first one stayed my favorite for a long time.

It all started out of curiosity.

Today, the tarot is my every day deck, and the first card in every tarot deck is the Fool, who is numbered 0. Some people say that zero indicates he is both the lowest and highest ranking card in the deck.

The Fool has experienced many adventures in life's journey, and has many more to go. He has learned a lot, and he knows that he does not know everything. Although he has done much, he always finds more to do. Although he has been many places, there are still more places he wants to go. The Fool knows that we are never done learning, and he is not afraid to look foolish in his quest to travel, explore and experience even more of life's adventures.

I did not know when I picked up that first deck of cards what kind of journey they would open up for me. I did not know where that path would lead. I just knew that I wanted to see what was out there on that path.

How many other aspects of our life were discovered in this way? How many of us tried something new simply out of curiosity, and then discovered that this new thing, new idea, new practice, new technique, opened new doors for us, let us see the world through different eyes, let us experience life in ways that we had not previously imagined?

The Fool's Journey is a path for an adventurous person. It is a journey for those curious about life. Itis a path for those who do not care if others think they are foolish, because they are busy experiencing life, seeing what is out there beyond the nearby and familiar.

It was not that long ago that people spent most of their lives close to the place where they were born, and those who ventured out were considered real risk takers, being out there in unfamiliar places, mingling with strangers, other travelers, dangerous people and different people.

If you have ever taken The Fool's Journey, you know that it can be both exciting and scary. It happens when we start our own business. It happens when we start a new relationship. It happens when we explore different spiritual paths, challenge our old thinking, or go to live in a different part of the country or different part of the world.

The Fool's Journey requires a lot of heart. And The Fool's Journey is available to all who desire to take action and see what else life has to offer.

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