Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avatar's Failure of Imagination

Avatar is now the highest grossing film ever, and this fact is sure to add to the pressure to name it best film of the year. Although an entertaining movie, I would never agree that it is the best thing I have seen in a year.

Question this. Plot development? Why is it that the imagination that could come up with fantastic flora and fauna and luminous special effects could not imagine this magical world playing out in some way other than two armed forces trying to destroy each other? If the creative people behind this movie could imagine a world very different than our own, then why not elevate possibility thinking to a new level where solutions to problems can be found?

Question this. Character development? Is it possible to view the military commander or the corporate guy as anything other than one dimensional cretins? Compare them to some other good movies. Have you ever seen a film where even the bad guy had some complexity, some positive aspect, some appealing qualities or characteristics, making them at least an interesting character?

These two flaws are so large that Avatar will never stand as a great movie, unless you want to judge greatness based solely on special effects or box office receipts.

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