Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking, Wine and Spoons

How many times do we make things more complicated than we need to make them? I was watching the recent movie about Julia Child and no, her recipes were not simple, but I found myself reflecting on the fact that we eat every day, of course, to keep our body alive and well. What Julia was doing was celebrating life every day by cooking and sharing the meals.

We will not all want to take the time to cook complex, and in some instances, very costly meals, but we have many opportunities to spend an evening cooking a meal and sharing it, then letting the evening extend its way into other simple pleasures, like good conversation and passionate lovemaking.

Yes, it is fun to go out for dinner and go to the theatre or a concert, and those nights are a pleasure. But we serve ourselves well by remembering that a magnificent evening can begin with a simple home cooked meal.

It is interesting to experiment with exotic ingredients and unusual preparations, and that is just another way of putting more love into the meal, which becomes part of the shared experience.

A little wine and an evening that ends with spoons. What do you mean, ends with spoons? I hear some of you asking. I will let you think about that for a while. It does have to do with dessert, and I leave it to you to contemplate the many flavors of dessert.

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