Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop Making Sense

Of course, yesterday's blog about everybody going naked in the airports was a firmly tongue in cheek piece, although maybe some people missed it.

The way humor works is that absurdity can sometimes point at the truth better than a serious discussion. When you approach subjects like this in a practical way, you can seem like a fool. But who is really the fool? Let's take a look.

For example, if the 9/11 terrorists were here in this country under the false pretenses that they were going to school, why would it be hard to verify this? Since all schools now have records of their students on computer, it would seem like the INS or FBI or whoever needed to know could have simply verified by a search of computer records whether those guys were enrolled in school and attending classes.

Then TSA was created to screen people and check bags at airports. Why didn't they just assign the National Guard to do that? The National Guard is already employed by us, most of them are supposed to be stationed at home in the US, and they have uniforms, weapons and training.

Instead, the former president created a whole new bureaucracy to oversee these agencies, and a reasonable person can wonder if we really have better security for all the billions of dollars we poured into this new bureaucracy.

I am just a practical person and sometimes being practical is really the big taboo.

Here's another suggestion. Why not just fully legalize maijuana, tax it, make money for needed items like health care? Then reassign all those cops who are facing the impossible task of stopping all traffic in marijuana to agencies that need them? They could help apprehend violent criminals or patrol our borders? Or maybe let them handle security at airports and transportation terminals?

OMG, stop making sense!

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