Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Little More Independence

On my day job, I am employed as a contractor, and at the present moment I am between contracts. The company's most recent adventure in offshoring did not go as smoothly as the wished, and did not happen on schedule, so as a result I have several days off. I wish it were paid time off, but it is nice to have time off anyway.

I now find myself with time to do some deep cleaning of things that have just been stacking up. And I also have time to go through my inventory of tarot decks very thoroughly, repricing some and getting more familiar with others that I haven't work with much.

So it is nice to have a breather so that I can watch some movies I have not had time to watch, go to the gym at times when I ordinarily would be working.

No alarm is set for the mornings. I like the relaxed schedule. I am celebrating a bit more personal freedom this July 4.

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