Sunday, July 4, 2010

Surprises in a Rose Garden

Just a short walk from where I live, there are a couple of beautiful public parks. One of them has a fabulous rose garden. There is a large variety of different colors and scents. Walking through it, there are constant delights to the senses.

If you simply sit on a bench, the breeze will carry the fragrance to you. Simple pleasures like these make life more enjoyable.

It was good that the city did it this way, as an outdoor garden in a park, rather than inside a conservatory, so that anyone can enjoy it any time, without paying an admissions fee.

Even though I like to garden, I did not know about all of these varieties, and I would guess that there are probably some that people are cultivating that are not included in the park.

Still, if you think you know what roses look and smell like, walking through a garden like this awakens the senses of sight, smell and touch. I found myself discovering that I didn't know that there were varieties of roses that looked and smelled like this.

Getting up late in the morning and then taking a walk to smell the roses seemed like a perfectly fine way to spend a holiday morning.

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