Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dialogues with Spirit Guides

People often wonder how difficult it is to communicate with your spirit guides. In my experience, all it requires is a little bit of quiet time.

Whoever you think your spirit guides are, what they need is a little bit of your undivided attention. If you sit quietly or perhaps even walk quietly, and ask them to speak with you, they will. They need us as much as we need them, and they like to be acknowledged. After, they want to see us succeed. They are looking out for us.

At different times in our life, one spirit guide may be more prominent, while at later in life, perhaps another becomes more prominent.

When we need guidance, we need to ask directly, then listen. Sometimes they will answer right away, sometimes they take a while. The more we cultivate this habit, the more responsive they are.

Spirit guides can take many forms, but their essence is that they are here to help us, and they are looking out for our best interests. Spend a little quiet time engaging with them every day, and you will probably be surprised at how responsive they are, and how much easier it is to do this than you thought it would be.

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