Friday, July 30, 2010

Alice in Wonderland: The Show Must Go On

Do you ever feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole?

Consider for a moment that corporations and politicians got together to change laws and trade agreements so that plants and offices could be shut in the US so that they could move over to China, India and wherever and hire people for peanuts. The corporations are saying to us "so what if we sacrifice some quality. We got cheap labor and big paydays for our execs."

So we now have to deal with the fact that there are fewer good jobs to be had in the US and people who are looking for work often find that it takes longer to find another job, and that what they do find pays considerably less.

To help out in this situation we have long had a program where we offer some compensation to help those who are out of work.

Except that now the political nutbags have decided not to extend benefits to those who are out of work. I've heard the opinion expressed by the right wing windbags that unemployment compensation is not a good thing because it just makes people lazy.

But we didn't have millions more people suddenly get lazy and decide not to work. No, we have had millions of people thrown out of work when their employers moved the work to other countries where they could find people who would work cheaper, even though they made profits for decades while paying Americans a living wage.

Now some people would rather start their own small business and some small businesses could use loans so that they can expand.

But the windbags and politicians in their genius have decided not to put through a measure that would make more money available for small business loans through small banks. Hmmmmm...Interesting way to find solutions for problems.

Let's see. What kind of world are we creating if we don't want these solutions? Oh, I see the solution that they are in favor of. Yes, they are whining that it is unfair to expect the people who have more money to pay more taxes. Interesting.

Where is all this leading?

Down the rabbit hole again.

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