Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visual Magic

When performers don outrageous costumes, we see some kind of story being portrayed on stage. In the case of some popular singers, what we may be looking at is so dazzling that we may not even be aware of what they are singing because our visual sense is in overload. No doubt, that is the intention in some cases.

Extend this consciousness to other areas of our life. When we dress in costumes we project a persona. When we wear a suit and tie we project a different persona than if we wear a brightly colored shirt and shorts. What happens?

Our visuals are communicating a message, no matter what we say. When we wear a mask, it is difficult for a person to see our face and our true expressions, so as long as we are looking at that mask, we find ourselves trying to relate to that persona.

So today, Lady Gaga becomes popular for her outrageous costumes, but it is clearly within the tradition of stagecraft. Back when Alice Cooper started dressing in makeup and costumes and using outlandish props in his shows, and then other bands like Kiss made costumes and makeup as noteworthy as the music, it was visually arresting, given that most other bands at the time consisted of guys in T-shirts and jeans standing onstage with their guitars and amplifiers.

Jesters and fools were doing the same things in the Medieval and Renaissance times, using costumes as tools, which could either enhance or disguise messages that they were communicating.

Visuals create a magic of their own. Look at what happens when you put up pictures on a wall to illustrate what you want to manifest in your life. Help you keep focused? Help things happen faster?

Is there anything that you are trying to do that can be helped with a visual component? Try a little visual magic.

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