Monday, July 26, 2010

Reincarnation and Animals

Cats, dogs and other animals who share our lives are there for a reason, same as people are in our lives for a reason. Sometimes they reincarnate with us, and one cat or one dog can be a reincarnation of another we have had in our lives.

Grieving for an animal that dies is the same process as grieving for a person who dies. They share experiences in our life with us, just like people do. And they share love with us, just like people do. Sometimes they are even better at it because they don't really think about what happened last month, last year, yesterday or whatever. They are really great teachers about staying in the moment.

When we lose an animal that we shared part of our life with, there are lessons that have been offered to us, even though they came through a dog or cat, rather than a person.

Some people believe that people get reincarnated as animals, but I have seen animals that remind me to a great degree of other animals I have known.

We may lose an animal suddenly through an accident, or through a long, lingering illness. The grieving is still necessary, and we send our love with it into the next world, however that looks. You never know when you might see them again. Some people may doubt that animals have the possibility of reincarnation, but they have a spirit that animates them too, and the intelligence and the love have to come from somewhere.

I don't know how else to account for the similarities in personality between certain cats and dogs I have known. You may have had a similar experience as well. This is one of those things that we may not be able to prove, but we can feel.

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