Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Ripple Effect

One of the mysteries of life is that we never know how we affect other people. When we act with purpose, we have intention, and for those who participate with us in a shared adventure, there will be certain intended and desired results. These we know.

Then there are also times when someone may take us by surprise and reveal something we never knew. These can be amazing experiences.

A few days ago, I published Sarah's Story, which of course I was aware of, although it was very satisfying to hear again in her own words, just how much her life had changed in a short time, due to the work I did with her. That is one of the true rewards of doing this work of healing and reading.

For example, a few years ago, I was contacted by someone I have never met who introduced himself to me by email and informed me that something I had written many years ago had changed his life and inspired him in his career choice.

Another man contacted me a couple of years ago and told me how much my creative writing class had helped him and that now something he had written was being considered as a script for a movie.

There is a woman in another part of the country who calls me for phone readings who feels that the guidance I have given her in her readings has been a great help and provided her with useful ideas, and so she refers other people to me.

There are other people who have felt that my salve and oil work so well for them that they keep ordering more. And yet both the salve and the oil were not originally made to sell. These were things that I simply made for my own use and then gave to family and friends, until other people kept asking me for some, so then began to bottle and sell it.

It is one of the real beauties and joys of doing this work that people contact me periodically and let me know the positive ways in which I have affected them. That is very satisfying.

We definitely know about some of the ways we affect people, and when we hear about some of the others, it opens another window for us to see through.

Sometimes we are so busy and focused, we are not aware of all the consequences of our actions. And other times, there are things that happen as a ripple effect, touching people we have never met in person, but yet were influenced by our actions.

In this way, there will always be mysteries, and there will always be surprises. There are so many ways to see the world and how we interact with it.

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