Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, Saturn's Day

Names for the days of the week in some of the European languages, such as French and Italian, come from the seven planets the ancients could see: Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn, which gives its name to Saturday.

As the farthest planet they could see unaided (without telescopes) Saturn represented limitation, the boundaries, structure and discipline. It rules skin, teeth, bones and knees. Bent knees are a sign of humility. Saturn presents tests, which can humble us.

The constant interplay throughout our lifetime between knowing who we are and discovering more about ourselves is domain of the boundaries, of Saturn. Thus, it illuminates us and spurs us on in our life's journey.

Saturn lessons bring self confidence, perseverance and building toward mastery, step by step. As a bringer of change, it is fitting that for many people, Saturday is also a big day to play. We work at our jobs Monday through Friday, and go out to do something different on Saturday, whether it is hiking, bicycling, partying, dancing, concerts or theatre.

Those of us who do work on Saturday are also bringers of change. Many of those people who work a M-F schedule come out for readings and healings on Saturdays, or go to workshops or engage in other activities that test their limits and help enlighten and heal.

Celebrating Saturday as the bringer of change, the boundary crosser, the illuminator of our personal journeys, was appropriate for ancient people, and it still strikes the perfect note for us.

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