Friday, September 11, 2009

Lighting a Fire

Fire is vision. We need light to see, not just what is right in front of us, but the long range, what is in our future. What we passionately desire, what we dream, what we want to do differently.

Fire is creativity. The flames dance, our vision expands and we think of new ways to do things, or at least different ways to do things. When our creative energy is moving, so is all of our other energy. Creativity causes us to move, to dare to be different, to get up and find a better way, to find a more exciting way.

A person who has no creativity needs more fire in their life. They need the fire of inspiration, the fire of lifting spirits, dancing bodies, lightened moods, laughter, loving. Fire, creativity, imagination. These are the components of aphrodisiacs.

A person who has more creativity is a better lover. Passion gives rise to enthusiasm, and enthusiasm gives rise to creativity, and creativity gives rise to the senses, and the senses open the way for courage. Courage to speak our desires, courage for the other to open to those desires, courage to act on those desires. Courage to cast aside the dull shells of routine and immerse ourselves in those bright colors and the juciness they bring when heat brings sweat and the warmth between us becomes liquid. Unleashing this fire, this creativity, this bold action, this love, this passion, can begin with simple questions, as does all creativity. What if? Will you? Now? How does it feel? Again?

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