Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fire, Light and Heat

One concept we hear frequently among metaphysical practitioners is that of bringing in white light for healing, protection, and clarity.

Just as some people see auras and some feel them, I agree with the concept of bringing in light and heat to help with healing, but I just do not always see it as white light.

Light can come in all colors. Look at fire when it burns. Does it appear white to you? No, there are many colors, including red, orange, yellow and blue that share their light and heat with us.

This, no doubt, has its roots as a concept that comes from polarities, like black and white, ying and yang. Although in movies and other popular culture references, black is the color of bad guys and white is the color of good guys, white is the yang color and black is the yin color.

Yin is the nurturing, feminine energy, and just as when a seed is in the ground nurturing, it is in the dark until it sprouts. There is a richness in that dark that provides energy. We are in the dark before we are born, we are in the dark at night when we dream, we are in the dark again when our bodies are either burned or buried.

I want the fire when it is my time to be done with this body. I want the fire now too. When I do healing for people I feel the ancient fires coursing through me, the fires around which our ancestors warmed themselves, cooked their food, told their stories and lit the places where they lived. People have long gazed at fire until they could see visions of the future.

The dancing of the flames opened passages in the dark, casting light and heat and welcoming vibrations as it moved in the cool, dark space and air. The dancing of the red orange yellow blue light is like our blood circulating through our bodies, mixed with liquid sunlight and moonlight coursing through our veins, strengthening and nourishing us.

Fire is poetry. Fire is percussion. Fire is beauty and inspiration. Fire is healing. Fire is purifying. Fire is passion. Fire is life reaching up from the ground. Fire calls to us to rise up and celebrate. Fire calls us to give light and heat. Fire calls us to dance with each other, to intertwine our energies, to move to the ancient rhythms. The fire within and the fire without call to each other.

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